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Wait until
a year from now
where you say,
‘Holy fuck,
I can’t believe I was going to kill myself before I etcetera’d…
before I went skinny dipping in Tennessee,
made my own IPA,
tried out for a game show,
rode a camel drunk,
skydived alone,
learned to waltz with clumsy old people,
photographed electric jellyfish,
built a sailboat from trash,
taught someone how to read,
etc. etc. etc.’

The red washing
down the bathtub
can’t change the color of the sea
at all.
Derrick Brown, “Instead of Killing Yourself” (via larmoyante)

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The sun is 91 million miles away;
not too far, not too close. Be like that.
Sarah Gorham, excerpt from “Detach” (via larmoyante)

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everything personal
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everything personal

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  • my bf: *doesnt reply*

  • me: [fuck this, I can do so much better than this ashy ass bitch. what am I supposed to do with some lil dick for the rest of my life anyways??? let me call his best friend MATTER OF FACT LET ME CALL HIS BROTHER. he’s not even that cute for me to be stressing over him. only reason I dated him is cause my girl told me to give his lil ugly ass a chance I'm over it tho, next! ha ha!]
  • my bf: my bad I had to pee. 

  • me: I thought you did! wassup babe 😍😛
I think,
along the way
I broke my own heart.
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If you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that I killed. You can kill yourself too, but that doesn’t mean you got to stop living.
Vargus, Archie’s Final Project  (via paintdeath)

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wearing a hoodie with no shirt underneth is a unique sensation

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